Formerly known as the Kingdom of Dahomey, Benin as it is known today has an interesting and dark history waiting to be explored.

As the birthplace of voodoo, Benin oozes the exotic. With its glittering palaces, floating villages and python-filled temples. Benin, like its neighbour Togo is very popular as a multi country tour destination along with Ghana due to its size.  An exceptionally friendly and stable country with so much to offer travellers wanting to experience West Africa.  Benin has a rich, vibrant cultural identity waiting to be discovered.  It has a dark history along with many West African countries due to the slave trade era that tragically occurred along this coastal belt.  A former French colony Benin gained independence in 1960 and has many cultural sites, Beautiful unspoilt beaches and local fetish markets waiting to be explored.  Please peruse our selection of professionally guided tours below.


Capital: Porto-Novo
Currency: West African CFA
Time Zone: WAT (UTC+1)
Official Language: French


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Image-N-(Sao-Tome-and-Principe-Tours)Ashanti African Tours employ full time registered and certified expert local guides in culture, birding, wildlife, butterflies, history and general natural history we do not use freelance guides and pride ourselves on paying our staff a good salary, pension, healthcare and social security.  We pride ourselves on quality, affordable, authentic, professionally lead tours that benefit locals and the environment.  Please feel free to request a reference from one of our many previous tour participants that travelled with us in your area of interest.

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How booking a tour with Ashanti African Tours helps

Image-P-(Why-Choose-Us)By booking any of the wide selection of Ghana tours that we offer you can be rest assured your holiday will directly benefit locals and their environment.  Ashanti African Tours have been leaders in ethical travel putting the local communities and environment at the heart of what we do.  Through our ethical travel initiatives we have been able to build an 8 classroom school facility catering for crèche, Kindergarten and Primary school students in a coastal village in the Central Region of Ghana.  We are also currently in the advanced stages of building an 11 classroom school for 3 remote communities in the Ashanti Region of Ghana as they currently do not have school facilities close to them.  In addition we are sponsoring 23 community based committee members to patrol a portion of endangered upper guinea rainforest habitat stopping illegal logging and hunting activities.  We are actively involved in protecting endangered and vulnerable bird and mammal species also within Ghana.  Our professional and ethically run operations employ locals, source the vast majority of our products and services locally and we are passionate about giving our tour participants the ultimate authentic Ghana experience.  Many travel companies state they are into responsible travel, however most of the time this is greenwashing to get responsible travellers to book with them.  This is not the case at Ashanti African Tours and we are happy to forward more detailed information on all of our community development and environmental conservation projects, feel free to ask.