With over 850 recorded bird species and 39 of these being endemics or near-endemics Ethiopia is a must-visit birding location for any serious birding enthusiast.

Ethiopia is an incredibly friendly, hassle-free and safe country to travel around and our extensive portfolio of birding tour itineraries venture to all corners of this large country. Our local guides are Ethiopia’s finest for a birding and nature tour and we can design bespoke tours to include other areas of interest from culture, history, wildlife and hiking to mention but a few.

Our small group all-inclusive scheduled Ethiopia Birding and Nature Tours operate year-round; alternatively we can design bespoke tours for individuals, couples, families and small groups, just contact us



Our Total Birding Tours are designed to maximise the total number of bird species seen during your time on tour with us.

Our main focus is on birds, so if you are an avid birder, keep a world list and would like to see all species well, then our Total Ethiopia Birding Tours are for you. Early starts and night birding are the norm, our local leaders are Africa’s finest, ready to provide a productive, enjoyable, expertly-organised and professionally-led tour. Choose from our wide selection of detailed itineraries ranging from 1 to 28 days in duration; alternatively allow us to design a tailored tour around your target species.



Ethiopia has some of the most avian-rich habitats in Africa, a must-visit for any serious birding and wildlife enthusiast.

Our Ethiopia Birding and Wildlife Tours are specifically designed for keen birders seeking a good Ethiopia bird list, in addition to enjoying the other wildlife Ethiopia has to offer. Our main focus is on birds, however your local expert guides will focus on all wildlife, taking time to appreciate all that we see. Early starts and night birding and nature walks are the norm, our local leaders are experts in birds, mammals and all nature and are ready to produce an enjoyable, productive, expertly-organised and professionally-led tour. Choose from our wide selection of detailed itineraries, ranging from 1 to 28 days in duration, or alternatively allow us to design a tailored tour around your target species.



Put an end to the frustrations many photographers feel when joining standard birding tours by joining one of our expertly-led photographic tours.

Our local expert leaders will focus only on getting you that perfect picture, dedicating quality time to the species you want to photograph. Our highly experienced team can design tailored tours around your target bird and mammal species, or alternatively join one of our small group scheduled photographic tours.



Allow our expert team to design a private Ethiopian tour around your exact requirements.

If you would like to hike in the Simien Mountains, search for the Ethiopian Wolf, or visit all of the nine UNESCO World Heritage sites found here, we can design that perfect holiday for you. Whether you wish to mix culture with birds or focus on historical sites and photography, please just click on the More Info link. The more information you provide will enable our team of experts to design that perfect holiday of a lifetime.

We offer tours of any duration, for more information


Image-E-ethiopia-culturalTraveling with us to Ethiopia means you have chosen a tour operator who is dedicated to the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism. We have a strong belief that the Impact of tourism on local culture and the environment should be low and positive to guarantee its preservation for locals, in addition to future travellers visiting Ethiopia. There is no better way to achieve a positive impact than by respecting local culture and the environment. We are passionate about ensuring local people have a fair share of the income generated by tourism. They provide our guests with responsible travel tips to make them aware of important social, economic and environmental issues during their time in this beautiful country. As a company we support initiatives started by local communities and local businesses (lodges), with a strong commitment towards the local community. We encourage our guests to include these initiatives in their itinerary. Employing local guides to accompany our guests is imperative as they are the ones who know the culture best and are able to give first-hand, detailed information about the area. The vast majority of goods and services are sourced locally, creating a sustainable positive impact on the local economy and communities we visit. There are several organisations supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend school up to university and our local partners are happy to assist with donations to such organisations.

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