Ethiopia is a hidden gem, unknown to most people and praised by anybody who has been there.

It has magnificent scenery which is a great pleasure to explore overland and is ideal for trekking. Visit the magical Simien and Bale Mountains, or undertake an expedition to one of the natural wonders of the world, the Danakil Depression. A stable country for over two decades, it is very safe to travel around. Ethiopia has nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one Intangible Cultural Heritage listed. The 12th Century rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are the absolute highlight of most trips here. Ethiopia, with is fascinating history dating back over 3000 years, is a place where facts and legends easily mingle. An exceptionally diverse population of 90 million people containing over 80 different ethnic groups with incredible distinctive culture is waiting to be explored.

Nature lovers will marvel at the unique flora and fauna, truly a birdwatcher's paradise with around 850 species including 39(!) endemics and near-endemics, along with 35 endemic mammals, with the larger ones often not hard to find. Experience one of the colourful religious festivals celebrated by the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church, among them Genna, Timket, Meskel and Hidar Tsion. The Ark of the Covenant is believed to be kept in a small chapel in Axum. Ethiopia is also known as the 'Cradle of Humankind and is the home of 'Lucy', the 3.2 million years old hominid, one of our most famous ancestors. The highlights are too many to mention, Ethiopia is a developing tourist destination with fast improving infrastructure and facilities. It is a fascinating and rewarding destination. Ethiopia has a rich and magical history, an amazing diversity in culture and extraordinary natural beauty.


Capital: Addis Ababa
Currency: Ethiopian Birr
Time Zone: GMT + 3 hours
Official Language: Amharic


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How booking a Ethiopian tour with Ashanti African Tours helps

Image-P-(Why-Choose-Us)Traveling with us to Ethiopia means you have chosen a tour operator who is dedicated to the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism. Our local partners have a strong belief that the impact of tourism on local culture and the environment should be low-impact and positive to guarantee its preservation for locals, in addition to future travellers visiting Ethiopia. There is no better way to achieve a positive impact than respecting local culture and the environment. Our local partners are passionate about ensuring local people have a fair share of the income generated by tourism. They provide our guests with responsible travel tips to make them aware of important social, economic and environmental issues during their time in this beautiful country.

As a company, we support initiatives started by local communities and local businesses (lodges) with a strong commitment towards the local community. We encourage our guests to include these initiatives in their itinerary. Employing local guides to accompany our guests is imperative as they are the ones who know the culture best and are able to give first-hand, detailed information about the area. The vast majority of goods and services are sourced locally, creating a sustainable positive impact on the local economy and communities we visit. There are several organisations supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend school up to university and our local partners are happy to assist with donations to such organisations.