Known as the ‘Gateway to Africa’, Ghana’s rich and colourful cultural identity still lives on and plays a vital role in everyday life for its people.  The first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence from colonial rule, in 1957, Ghana’s ethnic diversity, safety and friendly locals make it a must-visit for any traveller wanting to experience West African culture.  Traditional festivals and durbars are commonplace and have not changed in centuries; add to this the ancient connection with arts and crafts like Kente, Adinkra, pottery and brass works, not forgetting a rich musical history, the inquisitive traveller will not be disappointed.  Ghana has a vibrant cultural identity and has been inhabited for over 3,000 years, its current ethnographic composition is the result of constant migration from the Northern and Eastern parts of Africa, mainly due to the abundance of gold in the region.  The people of Ghana also traced their roots to Jews of the First Diaspora of 600 B.C., who were forcibly expelled from Israel by the Assyrians. With over 75 African dialects spoken in current-day Ghana, the cultural diversity is evident.  European settlers were initially lured here by the trade in Ivory and Gold, but sadly, this was soon to be replaced by the tragic trade in human cargo, bound for the rapidly increasing number of plantations in the Americas.  Ghana was the main centre for exporting enslaved Africans and it was at a far greater rate than any other West African country.  This is evident with over 20 castles and fortifications still dotting the coastline, with over 70% of castles and fortifications along the entire West African coastline being built in Ghana.  Our journey gives you an excellent opportunity to mix with locals and interact with traditional rulers and the people of this wonderful country. Choosing one of our tours and immersing yourself in Ghana’s diverse culture and traditions is an experience that will live with you forever.




Full-day city tour

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Air-conditioned 4×4, minibus or bus, depending on group size.


This will depend on the number of participants, however our prices are the lowest for a tour to Ghana, so please contact us for up-to-date information on cost.


There are always other options when travelling, however we firmly believe our guides and tour leaders are the finest in the country.  We employ all of our staff on permanent contracts and do not use freelance guides, which enables us to ensure the quality of service our clients receive. Ashanti African Tours are registered with the Ghana Tourism Authority (a legal requirement), our operating licence number is T-05/CR/17; our company and vehicles are comprehensively insured; our guides are registered and certificated, in addition to our services and tour leaders being of the highest standard.  In addition to the above we practice ethical and responsible travel, which can be seen through our conservation and community development projects.  We were also proudly awarded “Tour Operator of the Year 2014 and 2016” by the Ghana Tourism Authority, to go alongside our current “West African Tour Operator of the Year Award”. In addition, one of our guides was awarded Tour Guide of the Year 2017.

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The main focus on our Accra City tours is the rich culture, traditions and history of this wonderful country.

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This will be subject to availability when booking your tour. All of our guides are the finest in the country, with years of experience in leading highly enjoyable, quality tours of Ghana.  When booking a tour with Ashanti, you get more than just a local guide, all are of an international standard, know the history, culture and nature of West Africa.



Accommodation- If accommodation is required, this will be predetermined prior to your booking and will depend on your budget.  We offer the choice from the highest standard to mid-range and budget options for all our tours.

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Our expert cultural and historical tour guide will meet up with you at your pre-arranged location in Accra in the morning.  After boarding our air-conditioned vehicle, which will be your mode of transport for the duration of your tour, we set off for the Du Bois Center. This is the final burial place and former home of the prominent American Pan-Africanist Dr William W Burghardt Du Bois, who led the Pan-African congress between 1919 and 1927. He was a vocal anti-segregationist and prolific speaker and writer.  The center now serves as a library and research institute for students of Pan-Africanism.

After our tour of the Du Bois Center, we depart for old Accra. Our first call is the Usshertown, driving past the fort which was a look-out post built by the Dutch in 1649 and was formerly known as Fort Crevecoeur. In 1868, the Dutch sold it to the English, who renamed it after Governor Ussher. Jamestown is next and we take the short walk, marveling at some of the old structures which predate the colonial era. Locals have made a great effort to maintain them, giving one the idea of what it was like during the colonial era. The 30 metre-high lighthouse built by the British in 1871 and the attractive colourful fishing boats on the beach will be the last places of call, completing our indigenous Accra tour. These areas give us perfect picture of Old Accra, allowing us to perfectly distinguish between British Accra and Dutch Accra.

Lunch will be taken at a local restaurant serving a selection of West African and continental dishes. In the afternoon, we pass by Independence Square and view the enclosed flame of African liberation, which was lit by Kwame Nkrumah himself in 1961. We continue the short distance to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, the final resting place of Ghana’s founder. Set in attractive gardens, there is an adjoining museum, which contains photos, artefacts and an insight into this incredible man’s life.  Adjoining the park is the National Cultural Center, which is Ghana’s largest outdoor arts and crafts market, selling traditional crafts from all over West Africa. After testing your bargaining skills, we return you to your pre-arranged location after a wonderful full-day trip with Ashanti African Tours.

The above itinerary is just one of the many full-day tours we offer in Culture, History, Wildlife, Birding and Hiking.