Ghana Butterfly Tours

1000 Species to Photograph & Enjoy

Population - 31,038,800
Language - English
Currency - Ghanaian cedi
Capital - Accra

Ghana protects almost 1000 butterfly species and its remaining forests seem to conserve their extremely rich biodiversity.

The Ghanaian rainforests in southern Ghana host over 800 of these butterfly species, those we target on our tours. Ghana is one of the easiest countries in West Africa, where there is good access to many butterfly habitats, where a visitor can sometimes see over a hundred species on a single good day. Our butterfly tours aim to introduce different forest habitats and their butterfly fauna to the enthusiasts with exceptional photo opportunities of many species. Several endemic species occur in Ghana and our experienced expert local guides know all the best locations ensuring an enjoyable and productive trip. Ashanti bait the forest trails giving you the best opportunity of photographing the important species and there are also options to enjoy mothing and dragonfly photography during your time on tour with us.

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Ghana Butterfly Tours

Expert Local Guides

Our expert local guides have grown up in and around the rainforests of Ghana and have always had a love of nature.

Several previously worked with the Ghana Wildlife Division and have undertaken extensive training perfecting their leading skills to maximise our participants enjoyment. Often described as the best local guides our participants and international companies that use us have experienced, they are passionate, personable, friendly, professional, and ready to produce a productive and enjoyable trip for all our tour participants. Having 12 full time local expert butterfly, and nature tour guides ensures we never compromise on quality. In addition, due to the remote locations we visit, all our guides have advanced first aid training.

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Ghana Butterfly Tours

Ghana Butterfly Photography Tours

Ghana has to offer one of the best opportunities to photograph tropical butterfly species in Africa.

The stunning variety and intensity of colours coupled with the sheer number of species that occur in our forests will ensure you have a wonderful trip with us. Our local guides are experienced in leading butterfly photography tours, knowing the best locations for specific species and the best time of day to dedicate in the field. Travelling with us knowing your trip directly benefits the protection of butterflies and forest habitat here in Ghana is also a bonus. Our experienced tour planners are excited to start working with you in planning that trip of a lifetime.

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Ghana Butterfly Tours

Ghana Butterfly and Birding Tours

Many of us have a love of butterflies in addition to birds or travel with friends and family that enjoy seeing and photographing butterflies and bird species.

Our butterfly and birding tours are the perfect mix where you get to see the specialities of both these species. Ashanti are happy to have Ghana’s finest expert local butterfly and birding guides working with us on a full-time basis. Local guides experienced in leading enjoyable and productive tours in addition to research trips working alongside and learning from some of the most renowned lepidopterist and entomologist that work in West Africa.

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Ghana Butterfly Tours

Ghana Butterfly and Wildlife Tours

In addition to the plethora of stunning butterfly species, Ghana’s Upper Guinea rainforests also protect some exceptional wildlife that we can enjoy during our times in these beautiful remote locations.

Our team of local guides know these locations better than anyone and are experienced in leading specialist mammal tours as well as butterfly trips. The endangered Olive Colobus, Lowes Mona, Spot-nosed and Black and White Colobus Monkeys, Black-bellied and White-bellied Pangolins are all seen regularly during our trips. Our customized tours can also incorporate butterfly watching in the northern drier habitat of Mole National Park where we can walk with elephants at Ghana’s premier wildlife viewing location.

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Ghana Butterfly Tours

Ghana Butterfly and Culture Tours

Do you, family or friends have a love of butterflies in addition to an interest in the culture, history and people of countries that you visit?

Then our customized tailor-made Ghana Butterfly and Culture Tours are perfect for you. The ideal combination of dedicating the most active mornings to butterfly watching and photography and the less productive times of the day to visiting historical sites of interest and immersing ourselves in the culture of Ghana. Local award-winning guides experts in all of Ghana’s flora and fauna in addition to our rich, colourful and vibrant culture and history. Allow our experienced team to design that trip of a lifetime and experience more during your time with us in Ghana.

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Ghana Butterfly Tours

Customized Tailor-made Ghana Butterfly Tours

Ashanti’s strength is the ability to design tailor-made tours focusing on the exact area of interest for our participants.

If you have a specific target species list our experienced team can maximise your chance of seeing and photographing as many of these species by designing that perfect itinerary. Having so many local guides experts in such a wide range of areas from butterflies, mammals, birds, flora, culture and history working with us on a full-time basis ensures we can offer you that perfect trip. If you are a solo traveller, couple, family, small or large group allow us to design your trip, your way.

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Ghana Butterfly Tours

Ghana Dragonfly Tours

Dragonfly watching and photography tours are becoming increasingly more popular due to the many beautiful species that occur here in Ghana.

During our tours we visit varied habitats from the drier savannah, coastal wetlands and the tropical rainforests ensuring we see as many different species during your time with us. It is easy for us to incorporate additional areas of interest during these trips like culture, history and other nature that occurs here in West Africa. Contact us for a customized tailor-made trip.

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Ghana Butterfly Tours

Ghana Mothing Tours

Ghana is estimated to having over 20,000 moth species and with so little research being undertaken on the many species that occur here in West Africa, maybe we will find a new species to science during your trip.

Our experienced local guides have worked with renowned researchers during their time in Ghana and we know the best locations to ensure you have a wonderful experience and productive time with us. Our company supply all of the equipment for mothing, all you have to do is bring your camera and enjoy what we find. It is possible for us to incorporate mothing into other tours of interest like birding, butterfly, wildlife and culture trips.

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Ghana Butterfly Tours

Destination Management Company

Most International Nature Tour Companies use our services for their tours here in Ghana.

Our client confidentiality policy means we do not discuss any of our clients with third parties. Each company that use our services, guides and vehicles here in Ghana have their own unique way of conducting their tours, our strength is the ability to adapt to their way. Tour participants are happy to learn that the company they travel with care about the location they are visiting by using a local ground agent protecting biodiversity, habitat and helping local communities. Ashanti are regularly described as one of the best ground agents these companies use for their tours.

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Our small group all-inclusive scheduled tours operate year-round, alternatively we can design private customized tours for individuals, couples, families, small or large groups

Ghana Butterfly Tours

Our Profits Protect Butterflies and Habitat

Ashanti would like to think most travellers care about the locations they visit and about having a positive impact during their time in each destination.

Booking with a responsible travel company goes a long way to achieving this. Many companies state they benefit locals and conservation when they do extraordinarily little and are more focused on their profit margins. Ashanti are Ghana’s leading nature tour company putting their profits back into protecting butterflies, rainforest, biodiversity and connecting communities to the conservation of their environment through community development initiatives connected to eco-tourism. Click to learn more about where our profits go.

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Ghana Butterfly Tours

We Offset Your Trips Carbon Footprint

We plant 3 indigenous forest tree species for every guest that travels with us.

The main aim for this project is carbon offsetting - guests choosing to travel with us would offset their flights to/from Ghana by more than 15 times if the trees live to their expected lifespan. This is based on projected carbon dioxide generated on a return flight for the average guest (approximately 900kg/1980 lbs). The average tropical tree can absorb approximately 48lbs of carbon per year (when mature) and in Ghana it takes 30-50 years for a tropical tree species to grow to maturity, with an average life expectancy of 200-300 years. If the trees we plant for each guest are continued to be protected, then we are confident that we will be making a big difference in carbon offsetting: 3 trees planted would each absorb approximately 10,080 lbs of carbon, totalling 30,240 lbs/13,745 kg for all 3 trees (per guest).

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Booking a tour with us makes you an important part of our positive impact conservation projects, having the option to visit the rainforests and communities your trip helps protect is a special moment for many of our participants

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