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Population - 31,038,800
Language - English
Currency - Ghanaian cedi
Capital - Accra

Our educational travel programmes are specifically designed around your chosen curriculum as our tour planners work closely with your international study coordinators, professors, and teachers to design that perfect study trip itinerary.

Listening and focusing on your needs creates a conducive environment ensuring the trip is a success. Ashanti African Tours are highly experienced in organising and leading student trips and all our educational travel programmes are tailor-made to your exact requirements. This experience has enabled us to successfully organise many trips for international schools, colleges and universities that continue to use our services here in Ghana. Some of the services we offer include educational exchange programmes, cultural exchange programmes, community service trips and rural immersion. From the moment you first contact us we are here to support you; this support continues even after you return home if needed. Student and educator safety are our priority and we are diligent in our safety and risk assessment planning. Our company hold all the required insurance policies to receive international student groups here in Ghana and we can provide all the services you will need during your time here that include arranging special events and meetings with education institutions, government institutions, industry, NGO’s, affinity groups, pre-travel advice and planning, accommodation bookings, transportation, meals, logistical planning, itinerary development, orientation, expert local guides and coordination of service programmes in communities and nature conservation.

Our Price Promise

If you receive cheaper quotes from other legitimate companies, we will try to match or improve the price for the exact same tour package offered.

Ghana Educational Tours

Expert Local Guides

Our priority is to create a safe environment enabling students the confidence to enjoy learning through exploration and active participation, maximising their overall experience during their time here in Ghana.

One of the key components to achieving this is the local expert guide assigned to work with your international study coordinators, professors, and teachers. Here at Ashanti we are lucky to have highly educated, passionate, personable, fun, friendly and professional local award-winning guides working with us on a full-time basis. Local guides experienced in working with international student groups that have personal connections to the locations you visit, opening doors and experiences that add so much more to your overall experience during your time with us. Our team are excited to welcome you to West Africa.

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Ghana Study Trips

Ghana Educational Tours

All our Educational Tours and Study Trips are customized to meet the exact requirements of the educational institution travelling to Ghana.

From the first point of contact our team will work with you to ensure all the bases are covered and you get the most from your trip. Our local knowledge and experience in addition to our broad range of expertise in an array of areas from education to culture, history to the environment, flora to fauna in addition to coordinating community and environmental service programmes ensures your expectations will be met. The team here at Ashanti are excited to start working with you in planning that perfect trip for your students.

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Ghana Educational Travel

Transportation and Logistics

Our extensive network of quality, well serviced and maintained vehicles are carefully selected to meet your exact needs.

If you require 4x4’s for wildlife excursions, minibus, bus or larger coach for bigger groups we have what you need. Vehicles go through a standard safety check prior to the arrival of all our groups. Safety of the group is our priority and our experienced drivers are focused and do not take risks. Our experience and local knowledge in West Africa also ensure the logistics of the trip run smoothly, knowing drive times between locations of interest, selecting the best places to eat, identifying the right accommodation for your budget, assigning the most qualified guide for your group, arranging excursions, classrooms, meetings and special events. Ensuring the smooth running of our trips is our job and we are good at it.

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Ghana Educational Tours


Choosing the best accommodation for your budget that is safe, ideally located and offering all the amenities for your group is important for the success of any trip.

Our team carefully select the accommodation that fits your needs, if you are looking for safe, clean budget accommodation with dormitories or your students budget stretches to more luxurious hotels we can secure these for you at good rates. Many years working with our service providers here in West Africa has allowed us to develop excellent relationships of trust. Prior to our groups arriving at their accommodations one of our team members would have already checked your rooms and started the check in process ensuring vital time is not wasted when checking in large groups.

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Ghana Study Trips

Meetings and Special Event Planning

After listening to your aims and objectives for your groups trip to Ghana our team then start to make all the necessary arrangements locally for you.

Setting up meetings and arranging special events with government institutions, NGO’s, educational institutions, industry, religious organisations in addition to securing classrooms for your students, equipment and materials required for practical sessions are all our responsibility. Coordinating environmental and community service programmes is also an area we are highly experienced, and our company also have our own conservation and community projects we can share with you.

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Ghana Educational Travel

Risk Assessment and Safety Planning

The most important aspect of any group we host here in Ghana is undoubtedly safety of students, staff and assessing the risks of all aspects of the trip ensuring everyone returns home safely after an exceptional experience.

It is important we comply with the law and ensure we operate legally. Meticulously looking into all elements of the proposed trip to identify hazards, evaluating these, and taking the necessary precautions is an important part of our pre trip planning. Local up to date knowledge, evacuation plans, vehicle safety checks, medical kits, competent staff, 24/7 emergency contacts are just a small selection of the measures we take. In addition, all our local leaders and guides have passed advanced first aid training and are certificated by the West African Rescue Association.

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Ghana Study Trips

Pre and Post Travel Support

From the moment you first contact us to after you have returned home, we are on hand to advise and support you in all aspects of your proposed travel to West Africa.

Our travel team are always on hand and happy to assist in any capacity, from advice on travel insurance, visas, vaccinations, essential packing list, cultural orientation, flights and much more. Never feel you are disturbing us with too many emails, it is our job to ensure you are well prepared prior to travel and then all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

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Ghana Educational Travel

Environmental and Community Service Coordination

Ashanti African Tours take our environmental and social responsibility very seriously which can be seen through the many projects we have established and funded here in Ghana.

If you already have a service programme you would like to incorporate into your time here, we are on hand to make all the connections and arrangements for you. Alternatively, you are welcome to choose one of our many projects we have established that range from education, construction, environmental conservation, health, sport, agriculture, and youth training programmes. To date Ashanti have donated over $135,000.00 USD to our conservation and community connection projects. Our wide selection of projects has something for everyone, if you want to be part of a reforestation project planting indigenous trees, helping train locals in beekeeping, building hand washing facilities for schools or constructing a medical centre for communities in need the options are endless.

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Encouraging learning through safe exploration and active participation, focusing on engaging students, challenging them to think critically helps make them active learners.

Ghana Study Trips

Building schools, protecting rainforest, having a sustainable positive impact locally

Ashanti would like to think most educational institutions that travel to Ghana care about the locations they visit and about having a positive impact during their time here.

Booking with a responsible travel company goes a long way to achieving this. Many companies state they benefit locals and conservation when they do extraordinarily little and are more focused on their profit margins. Ashanti are West Africa’s leading travel company putting their profits back into building schools, protecting wildlife, rainforest, biodiversity and connecting communities to the conservation of their environment through community development initiatives connected to eco-tourism. Click to learn more about where our profits go.

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Ghana Educational Tours

We Offset Your Trips Carbon Footprint

We plant 3 indigenous forest tree species for every student and educator that travels with us.

The main aim for this project is carbon offsetting - guests choosing to travel with us would offset their flights to/from Ghana by more than 15 times if the trees live to their expected lifespan. This is based on projected carbon dioxide generated on a return flight for the average guest (approximately 900kg/1980 lbs). The average tropical tree can absorb approximately 48lbs of carbon per year (when mature) and in Ghana it takes 30-50 years for a tropical tree species to grow to maturity, with an average life expectancy of 200-300 years. If the trees we plant for each guest are continued to be protected, then we are confident that we will be making a big difference in carbon offsetting: 3 trees planted would each absorb approximately 10,080 lbs of carbon, totalling 30,240 lbs/13,745 kg for all 3 trees (per guest).

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Challenging and engaging students helps them to develop social skills and new learning techniques, which will benefit them throughout their life

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